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One of the Hundred Gods of the Western Lands, Zeherus is only worshipped by the dwarves living under the Demonstone Mountains in the north. Zeherus is associated with the pursuit of perfection in metalworking. He is known as the renowned artificer. In his infamous workshop, rumored to be located below Mount Engfall, Zeherus is said to have created great metal constructs used in the wars between the gods.

The Mount Engfall workshop is said to be sacred to followers of Zeherus. While the workshop has never been found, its existence serves as an inspiration to Zeherusians everywhere. It is rumored that in the right hands, the workshop is capable of creating items of incredible power.

While Zeherus often creates metal machinery and weapons that are used in war, it is important to note that he himself is rarely an active participant of such wars. To this end, Zeherus might be considered a neutral god – he has no agenda, rather his interests lie in the pursuit of refining weaponry and technological items. He expects the same from his followers, and rejects stoutly good or inherently evil followers.

Zeherus sends his followers to spread his word and discipline to metalworkers and gadgeteers everywhere.

As it is the item used in forging metals, Zeherus’ favorite weapon are hammers.

Zeherus’ realm in the afterlife is called Etna.


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